Big Toms First Blog!

Well As my first ever blog, I have to say yehhhh to all the Tom Jones genuine fans out there and hope the real Sir Tom is recovering from his recent illness.

I have been a Tom trib’ since 2011, yet have been an entertainer since well mid 70’s….so yes I’m getting on a bit, so like our real Sir Tom I don’t wiggle the hips so much but all of my audiences applaud how much that I sound and look (after a major dressing room transformation) like the real thing. And a bonus of course is I am a true welsh Tom.

Over the coming months my blogs are hopefully going to be of course about gigs and how they go….but also some of the odd things that happen in showbiz land, and some tips and advice on vocal health and how to improve your voice. Im not an expert but I am extremely experienced so look out for the blogs it will be good to have you on board. mwah xx

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